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When your laptop is busted, you’ve got enough to worry about without having to consider whether the place you’re taking it to is reputable and reliable and offers good value. While the cheapest way to fix your laptop is to order cheap parts online and get the job done yourself, few of us would know how or feel confident doing so. Here are some good places to take your messed up laptop in Ottawa. 

Bill and Dave Computer Repair - 97 Rideau Street

A great computer shop is one that will honestly diagnose the problem instead of assuming it is the simplest or most profitable fix. At Bill and Dave, they do this, and they’re insanely responsive on social media as well, so if you have any concerns, send them a message. 

The PC Room - 546 Gladstone Avenue

The PC Room is a great place to check out, because they offer good rates and return times on laptop repairs. Beyond that, though, they also stock affordable used laptops that you can buy. So if you’re thinking about giving up on your glitchy old laptop, you can grab a used one in good shape there. 

HDD Recovery Services - 666 Kirkwood Avenue

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a laptop owner is a hard drive failure, especially if you aren’t all backed up. Luckily there are places like HDD Recovery Services. They can recover files from your hard drive that other places can’t somehow, it’s amazing. 

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