Where to Actually Get Work Done in Downtown Ottawa

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Got a study date later with three of your closest friends? Yeah right. It's next to impossible to get anything done when you're catching up on gossip, talking about which episodes of Black Mirror messed you up the most, and showing your latest Tinder matches. If you have some serious deadlines coming up, then it's time to start doing some serious work. Grab your laptop and head to one of these chill study spaces.

The Ottawa Public Library- 120 Metcalfe

The library is an obvious choice for studying, but that's why it's such a good one. There are minimal distractions—you know where the term "library voice" comes from? The only down side is you can't do much snacking if you get hungry.

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Bridgehead- Multiple Locations

There are Bridgehead locations pretty much everywhere you turn. Since there are so many to choose from, there's almost always space in any location you hit up. Plus the coffee is fair trade!

The Ministry of Coffee- 279 Elgin Street

The Ministry of Coffee is inexpensive, but you'd never know it! The decor is super chic and there's some pretty beautiful latte art being done. The photo-ready environment will get you feeling good, and might take some of the stress off.

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