4 Wonderful Off-Leash Dog Parks in Ottawa

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Ottawa, unlike some other Canadian cities, actually doesn’t really have a wealth of off-leash dog parks. The status of certain area is often changing, and there is confusion as to whether certain areas are off-leash or leash only. With that said, there are still some really solid off-leash areas in Ottawa, and here are four of them. 

Bruce Pit - 22 Cedarview Road

Bruce Pit is one of the biggest and best dog parks in all of Ottawa. First of all it is absolutely huge and fenced. It has a variety of terrains, with sand and tall grass and trees and fields, there are dogs charging all over the place having an absolute ball. A strong community of dog owners populate the park, so it’s a nice place to be. 

Jack Purcell Park - 320 Jack Purcell Lane

This is probably the most popular dog park in Centretown, so if you’re looking to socialize your dog it’s a great spot because there are always plenty of dogs around. At the same time, it isn’t the biggest park, so if your dog needs some serious exercise it may not be your top spot. 

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Conroy Pit - 3136 Conroy Road

If you’re looking to take your dog for a walk through some trails, this is the spot, as there are a number of trails through the wilderness of this area. It’s clean and well-maintained, but it is really popular so parking can be a little annoying. 

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New Edinburgh Park - 193 Stanley Avenue

Part of Stanley Park, this has got to be the best off-leash dog park close to downtown, as there is plenty of room and, during the peak times, dozens and dozens of dogs. Your dog can go for a swim in the river, and there is plenty for kids to do in the park as well, making this a well-rounded place to spend a day. 

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