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Planet Earth is our home so let's take better care of it! Even if your intentions are in the right place, that doesn't mean you know exactly where to start when it comes to shopping, eating, and living green. I've compiled a list to start you off on your green journey, but don't stop here! Get connected with your local vegetarian, eco-friendly communities. Nothing feels better than making a positive change!

terra20- 2685 Iris St, 1304 Wellington St West

terra20 is a great place to get everything from snacks to books to kitchen gadgets. They carry lots of certified organic products as well as products that aren't tested on animals, reduce waste, are made in Canada, are sustainable, and more!

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The Green Door Restaurant- 198 Main Street

The Green Door is a by-weight vegetarian buffet with vegan and gluten free options. The food is fresh, local, and in season! There's always lots of delicious options to choose from, and they're sure to be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Plus you'll know you're eating clean and green!

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Ottawa Eco Fair- 1125 Colonel By Drive

The Ottawa Eco Fair is Ottawa's longest running eco event! The event takes place in September, celebrating green products, services, and living ideas! You don't want to miss this. 

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Ottawa Farmer's Market- 1000 Exhibition Way & Various Other Locations

The Ottawa Farmer's Market runs until April in Lansdowne Park and other locations around the city! Stop by and check out local meats, cheeses, produce, baked goods, and even jewellery! It's a great way to connect with your community.


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