3 Affordable Ottawa Moving Companies

Don’t try to move in an Uber this year



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It can be tough to pick who you should hire to move your stuff for you. Pick too expensive of a company and you may find that you’ve spend hundreds more than you had budgeted. On the other hand, go with too cheap of a company and you may find that your stuff gets damaged, lost, or even stolen. Renting a vehicle yourself from U-Haul is probably the cheapest option, but a lot of people are uncomfortable driving a large vehicle. Here are three affordable and reliable moving companies you should try out in Ottawa. 

Adam’s Moving - http://www.adamsmoving.ca/

Adam’s Moving has been serving the Ottawa area since 1969, which is a great sign because if a moving company messes up a few times, they’ll get run out of town pretty quick. They’re nice people and very professional too. 

First Rate Movers - https://www.firstratemovers.com/

First Rate Movers is an especially affordable moving company, as you’ll only have to pay $65 an hour for a local move with one truck and one man. The prices go up from there of course, and it’s more expensive when demand increases close to the end of the month. 

Top Notch Moving Services - https://www.topnotchmoving.ca

These guys are more expensive than First Rate, but they’re both really fast and really careful, getting your move done very quickly while taking great care not to damage anything. 


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