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In the mood for something a little different? Forget that classic beer you and your friends all drink every weekend. Hit up one of Ottawa's great breweries and try some locally made, delicious brews!

Tooth and Nail Brewing Company- 3 Irving Avenue

Tooth and Nail is a great microbrewery, and just a cool place to hang out with friends! They have fresh and delicious beers on tap, stellar appetizers, and the staff are incredibly friendly and attentive. Try the Tenacity!

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Beyond the Pale- 5 Hamilton Avenue North

Beyond the Pale have a brew called "The Darkness" that is a local must-try. It's too good. This is a great brewery and even with the small batches they make, they can't seem to keep anything in stock! 

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Bicycle Craft Brewery- 850 Industrial Avenue

Bicycle Craft Brewery is a great brewery, run by people who transparently love what they do. The service is always friendly, and the beer is delicious. If there's anything you want to try, they'll be happy to pour you a small sample! Try the On the Lamb IPA!

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