3 Awesome Weird Coffee Shops in Ottawa

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There’s something to be said for the consistency and availability of a big chain coffee shop, but finding an underpopulated indie shop that suits your tastes feels great. You can get some work done in a quiet environment, develop a relationship with the staff, and have an experience that feels more personal than that of Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Here are some little Ottawa coffee shops that could become your next daily fixture. 

Bar Robo 692 Somerset St. West

Bar Robo is a combination coffee shop combining cafe culture with live events. During the day this Chinatown cafe offers premium coffee and baked goods, and at night it turns into a bar and music venue, so realistically you could just switch from coffee to beer mid-day and keep it going. 

Happy Goat Coffee - 35 Laurel Street

This place is pretty a industrial looking garage, with roasters in the back, and bulk coffee on sale. They take their coffee pretty seriously, working with specific farmers to get specialty beans, and they also host a variety of events in the space. 

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Cyclelogik - 1111A Wellington St

You’ve got to love a one-stop-shop like this. Cyclelogik is another combination coffee shop and bike shop in Hiltonburg, so you can browse some bikes while you sip your coffee. Apparently it’s a European thing, the blending of coffee culture and cycling. 

Cred: Ottawa Business journal


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